Arduino Organ with Kinder Surprise

An Arduino organ with Kinder Surprise

In this project you create an organ that you play by touching Kinder Surprise eggs. You only need a few resistors, cables and a very important “component”: your own body. 🙂 With the help of the library CapacitiveSensor you measure the electrical capacity of your body. If you touch one …

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Arduino Theremin with A minor pentatonic

An Arduino Theremin with fixed scale

In this project you will learn how to create a simple Arduino Theremin with a piezo buzzer and the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor. But that’s not all – so that even inexperienced musicians can inspire their friends, this theremin only plays tones within a scale you define. In the following we …

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Creating sounds with a Piezo and an Arduino

Creating sounds with a piezo

If you want to create simple tones with your Arduino, a cheap piezo is a good choice. It may not provide musical enjoyment, but for simple applications it is certainly sufficient. Learn in this tutorial how to connect a piezo to your Arduino and output sounds in different heights. Active …

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