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Image by Andrzej Rembowski on Pixabay

It’s great to work at home – and it’s even better to show off your projects to friends and family. But sometimes you want to compete with other makers and find out who has created the most exciting, interesting and inspiring project.

On this page you will find current competitions on the topics Arduino, ESP8266, Smart Home, Artificial Intelligence and Co. – Participation is always free and there are great prizes to be won and, of course, fame to be gained. 🙂

Make It Glow Contest

Make it glow contest

The requirements for this competition are short, concise and – catchy. Any project that emits light is welcome. This can happen with a single LED, or for example also with a NeoPixel LED ring.

AZDelivery 5V RGB LED Ring WS2812B 12-Bit 50mm kompatibel mit Arduino
✔️ 12 leuchtstarke LEDs; ✔️ Einzeln adressierbar; ✔️ Kompatibel mit Arduino,...
4,99 EUR

Here on Pollux Labs you can find some projects with a NeoPixel ring. For example, how about a glowing LEGO Lunar Lander that lights up when the moon is in the sky?

Prizes: Amazon gift cards up to $500

Participation until March 1, 2021

Visit the contest

Past competitions

Unfortunately already over, but still good for inspiration! Take a look at the winners and participants – maybe you’ll find a project that inspires you.

Block Code Contest

Block Code Contest

Have you tried the new (or old) BBC Micro:Bit*? And do you know Tinkercad? Since a short time you have the possibility to program the little microcontroller wonder directly in your browser. And not only with “real” code, but also with code blocks.

BBC MB80 Microprocessor (32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU) schwarz
32-bit ARM CortexT M0 CPU; Bluetooth Smart Technology; 5x5 LED matrix mit 25 roten LEDs...
25,90 EUR

This contest at Instructables is dedicated to exactly this topic. Anyone who has an exciting idea that deals with these two technologies can participate.

Prizes: Amazon gift cards up to $500

Participation until January 11, 2021

Visit the contest

Expand your senses

Contest Expand Your Senses

Are you interested in artificial intelligence? And have you already tried out a few artificial intelligence projects? Then this contest at might be the right thing for you.

The competition is looking for ideas on how human senses can be enhanced with AI. The technologies from Edge Impulse and Neosensory are to be used in this competition – the latter have produced an exciting wristband that transmits various environmental influences to its wearer as vibrations. Its name: Buzz Haptic Wristband

Prizes: Up to $1,000

Participation until January 15, 2021

Visit the contest

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