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How your Arduino learns to speak

arduino speak

Do you have an Arduino Project that you would like to use for language output? If so, you can pick up a microphone, record words or sentences and play them back with DFPlayer Mini – or use Text to Speech. Here you enter text into a tool that reads it to you.

This feature has been around for a very long time and is usually associated with tinny robot voices that sound anything but natural. But a lot has happened in this field and there are now voices that sound impressively natural.

The Tool TTSMP3

At you will find a free tool to breathe life into your Arduino. It mainly consists of a simple text field in which you can enter single words or whole sentences with a maximum length of 3,000 characters.

The Tool

Below that there is a dropdown where you can select different languages and a speaker. The website claims to only support US English, but you can also have German texts set to voice. However, you can choose between different dialects in English.

After you have entered some text as a test, click on Read to have it read out to you. With a click on Downloadas MP3 you can download it as an audio file to your computer.

Make fine adjustments

The tool offers you the possibility to emphasize different words or parts of sentences. To do this, place them in the following tag:

Hello, <emphasis level="strong">this</emphasis> is a test.

Whispering is also possible (even if we don’t find the result too exciting):

Hello, this <amazon:effect name="whispered">is a test.</amazon:effect> 

More interesting, however, is the possibility to create dialogs. For this you simply use several speakers from the repertoire of ttsmp3:

[speaker:Marlene] Hello, this is a test.
[speaker:Hans] Really?

Finally, you can adjust the pitch and speed. You can find the respective tags for this directly on the website.

Get started on a project right away! How about a countdown that reads out the last 10 digits – like a rocket launch? Have fun with your talking Arduino! 🙂

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